What are we looking for?.
We have learned to look so far into the universe here at our stand place "Earth" that we believe we can see so far back in time that we can see close to the Universe origin or, as the few seconds after the "big bang" happened, but is it true?
Do we really see "only" a few seconds after the big bang happened or is it an optical illusion that makes us believe that we do it?
Or is it a dream to see the beginning of the Universe , or maybe what there was there the micro second before. For what if it was not the beginning?
What if there has been Universes before our again and again or it is a fraud and the universe has always been as it is now and this " look " through time just an illusion that the universe gives us so that we can understand what time is.
It's a little strange that the sciensts are so instering in of looking back in time to see the start of the Univers, then it's all about what there is happing in the future.
A wise man said: "You have to know your history before you can predict your future (and make it better)", well, should we not had said that to the first humans there crawl down from the trees and made fire and lived in caves.