The Life on the planet Earth become as a natural thing after the Earth was cooled down to a point where life could exist.
But what is life?
What criterion is there before you can call something life?
Is life only something that takes place in the three dimensions that we humans can see in?
Or is there life in other dimensions we can't see and becauce of that don't know anything about it and don't can call it life?
I mean what would happen if some one from another place in the Univers looked down on the Planet earth, would they see life as we does it? Or would they see some strange effecting things on the surface of the Planet?
Well, if we talk about life as we know it (as we can see it on the Earth).
Then life are developing our in many directions and variations, but what makes one wonder is that there are no animals that have are developing our care just like us humans , there are none of the animals living in something similar houses (not in the wild nature) there is no animal that uses fire as neither heating or to cook over, none of the animals have to organize themselves in such a way that they can survive across the breeds they are and it looks like that none of them set off time to invent new methods to collect food, collect items to their place of residence or otherwise be inventive in the team for their way of life, "they live as they have always lived", no development?