In the Future, we maybe will understand what big bang was and what there was before it.
But what are in the Future for us the Human race, is there a future or will we go under like a lot of other races has done there has leved on this planet, because we shall remember that we need the Planet, but the Planet don't need us to survive.
Oh yes, we have sendt people into space, but only a few and those few we have sendt out has not tryed to regenerate them self and we have not send so many that our race could survivel only on them.
And then you have to think about the Time they have been into space, the longest time a man has been into space has been little more than a human year, not 10 year, 50 year or in a life time, We need to see what will happen with some humans, men and women in space over a long period of time + we have to see what happen when these humans getting children and how they react in that environment they will be born into and raised up in.
So far has we not come today and I belive that there will go a long time of human time before the human even dare to try something like that, maybe when the human race are ready to live on the Moon for a longer period of time (10, 20 or 30 years).