The Earth

The Earth with the Moon as we can see it and know it.
But how does some one from out off space see it? Or do they see it at all?
Are we leving on a planet so far in at the Sun that nobody from out of space (out of this Sunsystem) can see the Earth?
How mush would they care about the Earth?
Would they not cut find the same things or stof out in space like them they can find down here on the Earth?
So what were they down here on Earth for?
If it was life they came here for, they could not find it in themselves or on other planets in other solar systems?
Or is the life that exists on this planet so unique that there is no equivalent elsewhere in the Universe.
So?? Is there anybody out there?
Or do they come from out of space?
What if there have been some very intelligent creatures long before we humans came along, consider that humanity is only a few hundred thousand years old, what creatures could not have been here on Earth between the Dinosaurs and us, the "Dinos" undead believe it all many millions of years ago and see how "far" we are in just a few thousand years. But where are they? If they are here on Earth, a guess could be in the ocean, deep down where man has not been and they are probably camouflaged so we would not be able to recognize them as being intelligent beings.
Perhaps they have realized a long time ago that going into space and settling there will be an impossible task for beings from this planet, as there is a demand for the nearest planet where "we" would be able to survive and create a new world for future generations. And maybe when they saw there was a new animal on the savanna that seemed to rule over all animals, they preferred to live in secret deep in the ocean and wait until they had the right technology to conquer the Universe.