What was there before the Univers?
Was there anything or nothing?
Was everything there? - Or did it become when the Univers occurred?
And to both questions - Where did it come from?
Was it a pressure on the nothing or on something there maked it or was it a vacuum there maked it happen to be.
The questions can go on and on and we will never get any really answers out of it.
It will always be a theory and a fight between "the brightest heads" of the human race
and they will never find the right answer anyway.
Because non of them or we has born when it happen and non of them or us has seen it in real time.
But my simple and logical explanation is that must have been somthing before.
Because something can't come out of nothing - Before the Big bang, the stof was there at the start,
and could not just had come from out of the blue (or black), there must have been somthing (in my mind)
there become this Univers we know today.